Saturday, 19 January 2013

wish list...

i have tried really hard not to buy too much this month (well the 19 days of it so far) and have only succumbed to a jersey midi length Aztecs style dress. and the logic there was that it will look great with thick tights and ankle boots now and a grandma cardigan and then come the warmer weather, off with the thick layers and on with the leather jacket and spring/ summer suitable footwear. and when I bought it last weekend it was the first time I had seen it in my size. so it was a good idea to buy it.

the thing I think about buying stuff now is its got to be wearable today, but equally wearable in spring and even into summer. I see very little point in buying 3 new wooly jumpers and some new cord skinnies. although on the topic I've just remembered that I did buy a big knitted jumper 2 weeks ago... but that was neon yellow and green and from oxfam so doesn't count. 

on my wish list for february, when I will allow myself to get the cards back out, is basically everything from Mango and Zara once again. their november/ december stuff was flipping good and my christmas party and New Year's Eve outfits both came from mango as it happens.

looking ahead to the new season with these two high street beauties; there are monochrome shirts galore, mannish slacks, lighter knits and my everyday favourite, the boyfriend jean (as promoted by The Fashion Guitar this last week.) i love it when you see more of what you already have and love in the stores. 

feels like someone is on your wavelength. 

my favourite  pieces from Mango thus far include this gorgeous little Eiffel Tower print dress, this slouchy mint knit (and the way it's worn in this picture is perfect) and basically the whole damn lot on the last picture.


and Zara basically nails it again with blouses. I think I can just about squeeze some more into my wardrobe.

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