Thursday, 6 June 2013

dressing the bump...

this bank holiday weekend has been great. i am properly getting into the swing of not going around and about every weekend, just enjoying time at home, busying like a bee. in my jogging bottoms. 

these are the first non sport related joggers I have owned since my mum allowed me some Ellese navy nylon jogging bottoms back in 1997/ 98 kind of time when sportswear really took off, before it became the uniform of those seen on Jeremy Kyle. to be honest those Ellese bottoms were really for P.E. but I occasionally wore them outside of the sporting events. what I didn't do however was wear them with heels like some girls did. i'll never forget the time i first saw a girl, a few years older than me, wear Adidas trackies and heels. I was in awe and yet disgusted all at the same time. you have to remember, this is rural Yorkshire I grew up in. the way East 17 dressed didn't make sense to a lot of us like it would those cool kids from London.

anyway. i happily spend my weekends lounging in skinny joggers now but my natural instincts take over every couple of days and i have get out of them and dress like me again.

now podge is becoming something more than just bloating I am embracing clothes again. and not just clingy stuff to show off, also my staple over size blouses which are great for skimming, but also make me feel like me. seen as I don't look a great deal different in them.

so this weekend i ventured out shopping and lunching which meant two excuses to get out of the grey marl.

sunday day called for my new topshop maternity blouse (but could actually be from the normal range) I found on eBay and my old black skinnies just extended at the waist slightly with a band. and of course flat shoes. in this case red slippers from Primarni. and my leather jacket. but it was actually too warm to wear it. finished off with easy hair, gold studs and pink lip gloss. 

i had seen the white version of this blouse last Christmas and really fancied it so I was very happy when I spotted it on eBay and won it for a princely £3.50. I love the gold details to just add something.

sunday evening we were heading out for a friend's birthday at a local Chinese and I fancied giving a new vintage blouse an outing.

i just changed my jeans (into less faded, more evening appropriate), chucked on some orange court shoes and swapped the gloss for orange lippy. I love love love this blouse and it is going to last me ages and still look good post- baby. I also love pops of colour for jazzing an outfit up. and even if you're feeling rubbish, bright accessories or lipstick can't help but put a smile on your face.

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