Saturday, 6 June 2015


since we got back from Portugal ive been a bit quieter on the posting while ive been catching up with my mini jobs; chasing up traders and emails for the park party (which is fast approaching) and, now the season is in full swing, its write ups galore for the triathlon club.

but i dont think i could jump into these tasks with such gusto were it not for a break. we all know how much better we feel after a few days away, it doesn't have to be abroad (but a bit of sun often helps)it just needs to be a change from the norm. a switch off off the mental and the email type.  while i was away i found relaxation, peace and from that inspiration in the sun, the wine and the copious amounts of magazines i digested.

and it was while i was thumbing the pages of Vogue (£2 in Manchester airport's WH Smiths, bargain)that i started thinking about the constant complaints with women's glossies being demoralising, out of touch with normaility and encouraging eating disorders. now we could sit here until next week discussing the whys and should theys of the use of extreme skinny, that's a whole other post. and there's a whole world of truth that the upmarket glossies want to create an elitism, but I don't read them and feel demoralised and unworthy. i feel inspired and energised.

i feel encouraged to strive for more work wise, building my skills and my cv now to achieve a career i can be proud of once Seb is a bit older. i want to be able to afford some of what i see on these pages, it doesnt make me feel depressed that i cant afford it now. instead my brain sparks off ideas of where i can find similar items on the high street or second hand, it makes me think about whats already in my wardrobe. i dont see the models photoshopped stomachs and want to cheese-grater off some of my own mum wobble, instead it reminds me to keep working hard to stay fit and strong. and the beauty pages remind me to experiment more with colours and makes me feel happy i have the confidence to wear shorter hair.

the result is arriving home, albeit to a mountain of dirty washing, with a new energy to keep working, keep writing, re shuffle my wardrobe and push to run 10 minutes more. when we're abroad we often feel a confidence to try out new styles, some of which wont work at home, but i love coming back and keeping a little bit of holiday running through my wardrobe. at least for a few weeks.

so i might not have another holiday planned for the rest of this summer but i will make sure i continue to read and visit some new places on a weekend and keep that summer inspiration coming...

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