Monday, 6 July 2015

solo shopping...

i've been quiet on the writing front of late. feeling under the weather coupled with the park party fast approaching and my brain has been busy just functioning and getting everything done for next weekend. but i wrote this yesterday on my way home...

i took some time out today to head to Leeds on a little shopping trip on my lonesome. as usual there are presents galore to buy this month (why is it when we hit 30 everybody else turns 30, has babies, gets them christened, gets married and moves house?) so that was my main purpose but there's no point forgetting yourself entirely so the aim was also to pick up a bargain in H&M or somewhere.

so coffee in hand, new magazine in my bag (it takes me a whole month to read Elle at home) and i already felt worlds lighter. i didn't need to choo choo at every train that passed in the station, i  didn't need to fight to get on the train with a stroller and i didn't need to use bribery to get through a journey without kickoff. 

i jumped from shop to shop and back again choosing just the right gift and reasoning that I did need some new underwear. i chose a seat upstairs and enjoyed lunch (eaten still warm) and daydreamed. and now i'm on my way home again, absolutely knackered (why does shopping feel like a 10k after only 3 hours?) and looking forward to a lazy, family sunday afternoon. you can't have too much of alone time or a good thing, otherwise you'd never appreciate it.

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