Saturday, 8 December 2012

r is for rachel...a new project

i wanted to take 10 minutes out to post about a piece I have been working on over the last few weeks. strictly starts in 10 minutes so i really mean 10 minutes.

it's been a busy few weeks for me with requests from family and friends and I also wanted to try a new design out for my friend rachel and give it to her for her birthday. i've  been friends with rachel for 13 years since we waitressed together at school and we have an on going 'initial thing' where we give each other gifts with our first initial on.

this sparked my inspiration. and I wanted to create something simple that could be enjoyed by a lot of people.

the premis is simple, the chosen name hand printed across the background in colours of choice. in this instance I wanted to keep it pale and girly to flatter the decor in rachel's flat. any colour scheme would work depending on your audience and where it will be hung.

I then printed and cut out a large letter r in my signature font, rough typewriter, to use as a base.

on the photograph I think the computer printed r looks great but in real life it was too perfect looking. once stuck on, I covered it in several layers of paint to create a really rough, thick texture.

i was really pleased with the end result. and so was rachel more importantly.

once I've finished the pieces that have been requested this month I will be putting together a few more examples. stay tuned.

p.s i've still got the whole newspaper letter thing in my mind too so ill keep posting as ideas take off.

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