Monday, 3 December 2012

winter walks & twig trees...

yesterday was what is fondly referred to in our house as 'missmass day'. as is common up and down the country we put up the tree and decorated the house whilst guzzling Mulled Wine and listening to Christmas tunes.

my favourite part of the day however is the walk in the woods collecting sticks for my twig tree. the idea for an alternative tree came to me last year when we were trying to make Christmas more affordable, and, I really fancied the idea of a more home made Christmas. i must have seen it somewhere but I don't remember where.

so we wrapped up (me in this season's best buy, the parka) and trundled into our local woods with the dog.

it was a perfect winter's day, cold and crisp. cheesy as it sounds, what I love about this new tradition is that it shows that it is the simple things, done with your nearest and dearest, that make this time of year so nice.

foraging done, I spray the best ones gold and then arrange them in a big vase in front of the window and dress them with the best baubles. the trick is not to overload it and to choose an eclectic mix. last year I went for more browns and golds, this year, golds and acid green to compliment the newly decorated lounge. and ta da! 

i think it's such a simple but really effective bit of decor and its a real conversation piece too. we loved it so much that we actually did the same thing, minus Christmas baubles, for our wedding back in April. we covered it with handmade mini paper pom poms and it became a gorgeous, gold cherry blossom tree. we hung our table plan cards from it and it made the entrance to our reception. we still get comments about it now and it was one of my favourite parts of the wedding decor.

i'm determine to make this year's Christmas really handmade. it's a good way to inject some creativity into everyday life and its v.satisfying. if you have the time I recommend it. 

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