Saturday, 29 December 2012

twinkling lights...

i haven't written much in the last week, what with Christmas and busyness, but i've 10 minutes now, with a big mug of camomile tea.

i've spent the last few days, like most people do, seeing family, friends, eating and drinking. wondering how great that stunning dress i've bought for new years eve is going to look with a food baby...

i've also been celebrating getting my first proper commission which is very very exciting. and i've been collecting all sorts of materials and inspirational bits and pieces, like odds and ends of paper, sparking loads of ideas for the new year.

i also spent today with my ipswich 'family' in stamford which is a beautiful old town and at this time of year it's so festive and pretty it hurts. what they don't do with tasteful bluey white lights isn't worth doing. cue photos and ideas galore. and the seeing of my nearest and dearest was pretty good too.

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