Monday, 31 December 2012

waving goodbye to one hell of a year...

there are probably a whole lot of bloggers writing about the year coming to a close and looking to the future. personally, 2012 has been a belter. i got married, was bridesmaid for my sister in law and best friend, visited Los Angeles (which included a trip to one of my 'places', Malibu (your list of places to go before you die), i spent many weekends up and down the country with friends and family and i started my online shop, rough type...

tonight i'm seeing the year out in style,jazzing it up at a black tie do with my in laws. complete with Michael Buble tribute act and everything. i am just a little bit excited about my dress for the occasion as well. something else that occurred in 2012 is that I seemed to develop a bit more of a sense of self, a little less bothered by other people and more confident in my own decisions, on life and more importantly clothes. so my dress is the type of dress i always want to wear, floor length, velvet and a little bit racy. well for me.

but once the dress is off and the glittery shoes are kicked off, its time to look to the new year and what that might bring. so my resolutions are as follows:

1) work work work at my shop and new lines, projects and all that. I have plans for January, from new pieces to try, promotional work in the local town and trying to advertise as much as possible both online and off.

2) visit another place abroad I haven't been. we have a week in Marrakech booked this summer but the world is our oyster.

3) spend more time with my husband. explore our local cities more, eat out more, walk the dog on the beach more etc etc

4) continue to grow and develop in everything. cheesy but true.

5) take part in the 365 day photo challenge. i'll set up a link from the blog.

6) buy a steam mop.

so there we go. lots to digest, lots to look forward to.

enjoy the party...

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