Sunday, 6 January 2013

let the fun begin...

so the hangover should be over by now and those of us not drinking (or seriously cutting down) in January are hopefully still on the bandwagon.

time to look forward and make a list of things to be done. I've spent a good bit of this afternoon, when not watching Girls or X Files, sorting though my work space and deciding on which new projects to take first. i've got an exciting pile of cards, paper and odds and ends for some new post card and note card prints I have in the pipeline. so much is bubbling in fact that I wish I had a few days uninterrupted to work through it all but unfortunately some of us have to work a day job...I've tried out a couple of new designs and will post some pictures once the paint has quite literally dried.

i've also spent the last few days increasing my reading list of blogs and i've found a couple of beauties to get the creative juices flowing. first up was Chantelle from FatMumSlim who birthed the whole photo a day challenge (more of that in a couple of days) and whose blog is an inspiring candy coloured treat that i have been checking out daily. secondly is Nicole Lavelle who I discovered via Urban Outfitters website. she's an illustrator and general all round arty lovely and has a taste and talent for font. check them both out if you get chance.

finally, i've been mulling a separate section for my blog, more style and fashion focused but ill let that simmer a little while longer.

i was never much a fan of January before to be honest. the whole new year new start thing didn't really sit with me, i found September was better for that. i think it takes a while for the school year to get out of your system. 12 years in my case. but this time i have felt refreshed. even more so when I spotted this pink winter blossom on my New Year's Day walk with the family. pink blossom holds a special place in my heart because it was one of our wedding flowers. flipping bright pink blossom on a bright blue day. perfect.

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