Wednesday, 9 January 2013

a photo a day...

i have always enjoyed taking photographs. from snapshots at school every few months which, when i look now, capture my teenage years like a dream. both my dad and my brother have a great technical knowledge of photography and cameras. myself on the other hand just snaps away and hopes for the best. i have an eye for what i like and if things captivate me i take it. the invention of camera phones and in turn I phones has meant that people like me, who see things all day everyday, have a camera on them permenantly. 

towards the end of last year I decided to take part in the photo a day challenge. call it an excuse to get arty and self indulgent everyday. i didnt want to just take them for myself though, i wanted  to find somewhere to share them with like minded individuals and also link it to my shop, blog, twitter, the works. i searched for the right place but websites were either too international, too pompous or just looked a bit naff. the same name came up again and again though in my searches, fatmumslim. Written by Chantelle, a mum and all round nice lady from Australia, she started taking a photo a day to record her changing shape after having her baby and, like a lot of bloggers, writing for her own pleasure.

nowadays she launches a prompt list for every month. you can take a photo a day for just a month, or for a year as I plan to. Her print lists are great inspiration and along the way who know what else you might see. you can share your photographs via twitter, instagram, on her Facebook page, lots of places. you just hash tag FMSphotoaday and you're linked!

i'm going to make my project a weekly posting on here. and as my online store expands and develops then it may be some of the images might be available to buy one day soon. if they're half decent that is.

so, week one. themes were as follows (in order):-
something new
the view from here

and the photos...

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