Friday, 8 March 2013

i'm back...

i have been a bit absent from the online world in the last month or so thanks to some bump induced exhaustion. yep, i'm expecting a little bambino and the first 12 weeks have been spent napping after work, watching tv and looking at my spotty face and bloated tum.

anyway, the bump fog has lifted, my enthusiasm has returned and my skin is generally clear. it was with trepidation that i opened up my study door and stared at my canvases, cards and paints. i decided I needed a little project to get back in the game, no pressure. and up reared the head of my friend/ cousin/ best girl's disney themed 30th birthday.

what better was to get the creative juices flowing than to help plan, design and make the decorations...

so the last two weeks have been spent brainstorming, running ideas past katie and her sister, making lists and now i'm at the making stage. with the help of my brilliant mum (general crafter partner in crime.)

i decided on a classic disney/ mickey theme for decor. black, white and red with touches of yellow here and there. we're not talking disney princesses here. lots of mickey silhouette heads and simple shapes and patterns. polka dots and pom poms. inspired by some images and ideas and picked up online and pulled together.

i set to on an ideas sheet to keep me on the straight and narrow. and as usual, made lists lists lists.

wednesday night saw the return of the pom pom. now those who know me and attended my nuptials last spring will remember the pink pom poms. my family and me spent weeks making them, all shapes and sizes. and I thought big, red, fluffy pom poms would look perfect at a disney themed party. 

today is proper party day for me. i decided i needed a full day away from the day job to shop for materials and start on a main feature piece.

more on that to come...

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