Wednesday, 13 March 2013

it's a family affair...

i spent this evening 'doing' with my craft partner in crime (aka mum) ready for the party this weekend.

tonight's tasks included measuring out fabric to cover the pots for the mickey mouse centre pieces, drawing out the templates for the 'alice in wonderland' style signs and checking my dad had spray painted things correctly.

my mum also came up with the idea of the good old twig tree again. a firm favourite with my family. last used at xmas and very popular at my wedding, this time it would be smaller, white and with little red bow ties hanging from it. tied with thin yellow ribbon (keeping with the traditional, simple disney pallet.)

so while mum cut material and dad polished off cheese and biscuits I made little bow tie templates.

tomorrow night will be busy with finishing the signs and the bow ties off. as well as packing for the weekend.

all fun though...

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