Monday, 25 March 2013

when you wish upon a star...

so the 30th birthday bash was a resounding success and the disney theme went down a treat. the simple, classic Mickey decor worked for an adults birthday, as I had hoped. the only disney princesses to be found were on some of the cupcakes. not that there is anything wrong with a Disney princess but it isn't always befitting a 30 year old girl about town/ yummy mummy.

the briefing was low cost, stylish, disney decor to work in a rural village hall. two weeks to plan and make (by two weeks I mean a handful of evenings and one full day) and those to be made had to be with limited resources due to time and cost.

the results...

the centre pieces for the tables. these were my favourite bit and I wanted them to be simple but effective. and the main focal point. cleverly and lovingly constructed by my mum.

for the entrance hall I wanted a focal point for the reception desk to draw attention away for the local notices and village hall bits and bobs. we created a small twig tree (compliments the whole rural setting) with white twigs and little red bow ties and black mickey silhouettes hanging from it with ribbons. I also created a sign using mickey inspired font I found on my font bible dafont. this was to direct guests to leave cards and presents. always helpful.

also in the entrance hall were handmade Alice in wonderland style signs. a little bit roughly handmade but I was really pleased with the Alice style font. due to timing I stuck to just four signs: 'bar', 'party' and the classic Alice 'this way' and 'that way'. with more time there are more options and could be displayed on a false tree for example.

in addition to these main features there were shop bought Minnie Mouse polka dot table cloths, good old balloons in complimentary red, black and white and a big Micky cut out for the dj stage. on top of that we made red pom poms and strung them in lines across the ceiling. a simple but effective way to jazz up an otherwise basic room and give it a playful edge.

the end result wasn't a mega bucks, professional room but i hope and think it did the job. and maybe had the wow factor for the guests, many of them local people who used the hall weekly and maybe hasn't seen it done up that way before.

add 60+ people, many of them adults and many of them over 40, dressed up like a whose who of disney and you got a pretty magical night....

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