Friday, 29 March 2013

girl's night...

last night saw some of my girls and myself congregate to put the world to right, eat naughty food, drink cocktails (and mocktails for the driver & the pregnant one) and watch a daft film. magic mike has non of the humour and darkness of the full monty but it does have channing tatum and the lovely werewolf from true blood.

seen as girl's nights out are few and far between now I am with child I decided to put a little effort into a girl's night in. having some fun with my drinks choices and jazzing up an otherwise typically unhealthy film- night buffet.

so it was out with the white wine and in with the appropriately named pink stripper and innocent passion. and I had some fun making little signs to dot around the table.

i can't recommend highly enough if you're looking for something different. for a type addict like me it's amazing. i found a sexy stripper font and highlighted the strippery related words in pink. tacky trashy perfect.

the innocent passion mocktail wasn't too good and rachel only managed two of the strong pink strippers but the night did the job.

we spend so much time rushing around from one thing to another these days, only stopping to have a quick chat or text to a friend. it's lovely when you can make time to just eat and natter and laugh.

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