Wednesday, 3 April 2013

things to come...

so this weekend just gone we decided to put our best feet forward and start clearing our my study/ creative lair/ junk room. i visualised this day would come in about June or July but I guess it makes sense to do it now and get decorated so as not to fume out the new arrival.

so my things are being boxed, i can't say have been, the contents of my room are now on the spare bedroom floor and will no doubt stay that way for a few weeks. and my paints and sketch pads and everything else Dave doesn't know what to do with will live in the kitchen. and the kitchen table will be my office. i hope to be one of those kitchen table mumtrepreneurs i've read about.

we had talked about when the time came for a little one and that the logical room for it to reside in would be my room, and i had pictured clearing it, boxing away my things, ready to replace with babies and toys and nappies. but the time has come and it's so exciting. and not just because i get to decorate another room in the house.

but i'm not ready to swap my things for baby things. i'm very ready to mix it in with my things though. a great big mixing pot of Dave, Lucy, lentil and Penny the dog. i'm still going to be me, just me covered in baby sick and with bags under my eyes not seen since the wedding.

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