Sunday, 28 April 2013

time flies...

i don't know where the time is going at the moment; we are absolutely rushed off our feet with life. as well as work, social activities and sporting hobbies (Dave is training for triathlons and  i am keeping my toe dipped into the gym and have taken up swimming again)we are getting the house baby ready and trying to make the garden something like. i am working towards a qualification through work, even though my maternity leave is looming and i've also decided now is a cracking time to try and launch a new business venture. 

you might remember in march i helped a really good friend pull together her disney themed 30th? well i got such a buzz doing it; planning, making, doing and setting it up, i posted on twitter and facebook that i would happily help anyone out with any ideas, advice, right up to the full doing everything decor wise for any kind of event. for free. i did my wedding and this party, plus a few other do's here and there and decided that I might as well start building up a portfolio. so it's as much a help for me as it is for them.

the good news is that a couple of weeks later I received a request to do the decor for a little boy's christening. a lovely lady who had attended the disney do, dressed as Belle I seem to remember, got in touch and away we go.

on top of this I have a possibility of some typography printing for a company looking to decorate their new offices. so lots of little pots bubbling.

and despite running round like a wild woman whilst trying to relax and put my feet up as all good mums to be should, i'm feeling the need to spend a little bit more time on here. i feel i've neglected things a little with everything life is throwing at us right now. so  I think i'll embrace the changes and the busyness and just start writing about it. so expect a lot more postings, and things probably taking a bit of a turn away from purely the creative. after all 'they' say the best writing is what you know, and live. whoever 'they' are. another blogger who I have just started to follow offered some advice in that writing is easy if you enjoy it. and it is.

so expect a bit more general musings, baby talk, fashion mumblings, skin complaints, dog stories. you know the stuff. life.

and if you need any help or advice with the creative doings of an event (birthday party, wedding, christening, anything...) or you know someone who might, point em in my direction. anywhere in the country, no job too big or too small. and just the cost of material whilst I build up my portfolio and my name.

it's exciting when something fun might turn into something more...

and it's like Bruce says...

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