Tuesday, 30 April 2013

hello again...

tomorrow Dave and myself get to meet our baby bubs again, for the second time. we definitely won't be finding out whether Lentil will have a diddle or a foo foo though, i'm all for surprises me.

so halfway there got me to thinking. you spend the first 20 weeks: finding out, throwing up or trying not to fall asleep in the office, informing people you are pregnant so they don't just think you are putting on weight, and working your way up to being 20 weeks. and proper pregnant, and hopefully with a bump to show for it. otherwise you are a bit of a disappointment. maybe it's just me, and being a first timer and all that, but I felt that the 10s and the teens of pregnancy weeks were wished away ready for proper pregnant time. a time of wonder. a time of blooming and no spots hopefully. i felt that when someone asked me how far gone I was i had to add the next week on: "i'm 16 weeks, nearly 17." a bit like when you're little and you say you're 8 and a half, nearly 9.

but now i'm there. at big school with the big girls. and i'm passing the bloated looking/ i've had pasta and garlic bread for lunch stage which means I can dress my podge now, rather than disguising. 

and bump dressing means shopping and clothes and eBay browsing and charity shop adapting. like raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens.

so over the next few weeks i'm going to record some outfits for those heading the rounder way like me. and delve a little more into yummy mum to be style...

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