Sunday, 12 May 2013

finding our way in the world...

a lovely young lady, Megan, who is also new to the blogging game kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. this helps blogs get off the ground and let's you get to know a little bit about the author.

Megan asked 10 questions to her nominees and here are my answers...

1. what product can you never live without? moisturiser. i can't bare my skin feeling tight and dry.
2. What made you choose to start blogging? i was starting up my small business rough type and I've always loved reading and writing so I fancied giving it a go. the two don't really run alongside each other but it's another creative avenue I enjoy.
3. If you could change something about yourself what would it be? i try not to think about things to change but if I picked one it would be to have naturally good skin. no red blotches and pimples!
4. If you had to choose, Foundation or Mascara? mascara. my eyes are one of my better features.
5. What is your favourite thing to blog about? clothes/ style. my blog never intended to walk that way but the blogs I read are fashion and beauty and the best thing to write about is what you know and enjoy.
6. If you could pick one place in the world to be right now, where would it be? soppy but right here with my husband asleep next to me and the dog asleep on my feet.
7. What is your worst blogging habit? wittering on?
8. Where would you like to see yourself in ten years time? i would like to be running my own business successfully, be that my art work or party planning and decor design (my other hobby.) hopefully our child (and any other that come along) will be healthy and happy and we'll have my dream home and lots of dogs.
10. If you had to choose, Silver or Gold jewellery? silver but only because I own more of it.
11. What is your favourite perfume? flower bomb for the smell, it was made for me or lola as it was my wedding perfume.

so there we go. thank you Megan for nominating me and as I continue to browse the online world I will nominate any newbies I find as well...

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