Thursday, 13 June 2013

goodbye UK, hello Africa...

last night was one of those really good sleeps, where you close your eyes and fall excitedly asleep so tomorrow comes quicker. the sleep you have before Christmas Day (unless you're drunk), your birthday and the sleep before you go on holiday.

we're setting off leisurely in a few hours to Manchester airport (don't get me started how how exciting I find airports and the shopping) on our first break since last May that's just Dave and myself. we've done weekends away all over the Uk and centre parcs with family, but some lulu and did- bob time is well needed.

a holiday is even more welcome when it's a baby-moon. we've spent so much time together over the last few months, planning and prepping but not really stopping to just enjoy each other.

so Marrakech here we come. we're doing it the middle class tourist way and staying just outside in an all inclusive hotel, but to be honest, I need that right now. we'll take some trips into the red city during the day and when the sun sets but 6 months pregnant is not the time to back- pack it and ride a camel. we're seeing this as a taster of Marrakech, then we can come back one day soon with lentil.

so expect many photographs (one thing I love taking photographs of is markets and food) and holiday outfits on twitter and I'm looking forward to posting when I get home.

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