Tuesday, 28 April 2015

the search for the perfect tan loafer...

i have had a thing for tan leather for as long as i can remember. i covet tan bag after tan bag and it doesn't matter how many i have there is always more room for the creamy texture in my wardrobe. i say in my wardrobe i actually mean chucked on top or lounging on the stairs.

back when we only had enough money to do a basic weekly shop and baked beans were the go- to tea, I decided I really needed some tan loafers in my life. proper leather ones like a professional girl would have. from a good label that people who didn't need to worry about going over their mobile minutes shopped at. shoes like my friend Laura (my cleverest friend with a great job and Kate Middleton hair) would buy.

i kept my eyes peeled, trying on numerous pairs in Kurt Geiger, Nine West, Dune...but unfortunately £85+ was always out of reach for this girl and the credit card was already maxed. the other issue was that when I did find myself a little richer (thank you Nanna & Auntie Elsie) the shoes I found weren't just right. too fussy, too plain, not the right shade, too tough.

fast forward 6 tan loafer free years and I finally have them. perusing the size 6 sale rack in Debenhams with my mum a couple of weeks ago I spotted these perfectly simple, perfectly tan, perfectly soft shoes. i tried them, i loved them, i bought them. Nine West (my younger self would be so proud) and they were only £29 from £98. even my 20 something self could have afforded them. as long as i hadn't paid my phone bill.

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