Sunday, 19 April 2015

arty projects for outdoorsy little boys...

this weekend has been a stereotypical family two days at home. we've run errands, endured our swimming lesson (I swear he just has a thing about that pool cos he's fine in all other pools), done the food shop, visited the park, walked the dog and pottered in the yard.

i set myself a task this weekend of completing a card to mark a friend's engagement. in theory this is easy to do in 4 days, particularly if Did is around for 1 1/2 days of it. in reality I've not got too far yet. it seems that whenever I sit down to write, on a laptop or my iPad, I'm the best form of climbing frame. if I dare to sit at the kitchen table to read, write or attempt to do anything remotely creative then after 10 minutes Seb's hanging off the baby gate screeching. so it got me to thinking about friends and acquaintances who discuss happily indulging in a hobby whilst their toddler plays at their feet (I once tried to put some photographs into some new frames while Seb 'played'at my feet, climbed up my legs, sat on half the photographs and picked up one of the frames and threw it in the fire place.) and I've pretty much decided that ain't going to happen for me but what about trying to get him interested in being creative with me?

it's been the general school of thought that Seb has the attention span of a knat and previous attempts to put crayons and paper in front of him are usually poo pooed after 2 minutes. so does anyone have suggestions on what to do with a live wire 19 month old who likes to throw and screech?

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