Wednesday, 15 April 2015


so post holiday, which was eventful but great thank you. and by eventful i mean late night ambulance calls, bed ridden mother- to- be, us taking a local pub by storm on more than one occasion, another ambulance and finally a door- bell ringing, late night mystery visitor (thankfully we had already left by the time the creepy could- be serial killer turned up.)

so post holiday, and post easter weekend, i've been mental busy with a couple of work non- work projects. so much so that i've had no time to myself or to this blog, which is frustrating when i've only just kicked it off again. but now the initial work for these two exciting projects is done i'm hoping things are calming down and its back to business. 

firstly, back at the start of the year, i decided that i wanted to get more involved in the local community. we moved here last may and, although we knew York as a city centre pretty well, we're really new to this area and it really is like a village within the city. so i enrolled Seb into a baby and toddler music group, Songbox, which is fantastic and a great way to meet other local mums. i also volunteered to be part of the team organising this year's summer party in our local park. Rowntree Park is situated close to the Ouse, just a short walk from the city centre. It was gifted to the residents of York in 1921 by Messrs Rowntree & Co (as in the Fruit Pastels) and continues to be a family favourite. The annual birthday party is held in the summer and i thought it would be a great local event to get involved with a) because its close by and i like the park and ill meet new people, locally. and b) anyone who knows me knows how much i love an event, in particular decorating or hosting, but i've never been a part of anything huge. so i am officially the food coordinator. here goes.

secondly, as well of wanting to get all grown- up, community focused and wanting to widen my event organisation portfolio, i also wanted to write more (hence blog) and broaden my pr skills, so i volunteered to do pr and social media for Did's Triathlon club. the Yorkshire Vikings started in 2014 and is rapidly growing. but the busy ladies that run the club cant do everything, so i've jumped on board to help.

so right now im fingers deep in emails back and forth with food traders and last week i posted my first write up for the YVTT. and im really enjoying it. a teacher at my old secondary school used to have a saying, and cheesy as it is, and as much as my younger self would hate me for using it, its true. you get back what you put in.

ive wanted to do more with my work life for a long time, but timing and situation has never been just right. but rather than sitting back and waiting for the right time to start a full time career again, and hoping that the skills ive built up will suffice, ive gone out and found some opportunities to better my cv, and myself...

p.s. there wasn't time to post about easter but it was brilliant. a lot of family, food and wine. this year Seb was able to get involved with a hunt in my parent's garden which was so cute.    



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