Tuesday, 24 March 2015

bolshy babies, beautiful views and lots of wine...

yes its extended family holiday time. eight reasonably sane adults, two toddlers and one feisty eight month old depart Yorkshire for the equally beautiful, if not more breathtaking, Lake District.

we do an annual jaunt away with Did's family, often the Lakes, usually in Spring, and its a few days of quality time with the family with lots of laughs and plenty of fresh air. in years gone by, before babies came along, it was daily walks and activities and late nightly drunkenness. we're still trying to walk a few miles and put away as many units as we used to but nap times and sheer tiredness are creeping in and interrupting.

what we all love about a week away, and it can be anywhere to be honest, is the pure fact its away. its away from day to day chores, work and stresses. as i write this i am sat in the large bay window of the front sitting room of our holiday home with views across farmland and fields towards Penrith. at home there would always be something else to do that would take presidence over just sitting and enjoying the art of writing.

so far we have spent a few gorgeous hours walking along the banks of Ullswater, skimming stones and taking photos. the boys have climbed Blencathra via Sharp Edge (apparently Wordsworth described this as the most treacherous part of the Lake District), the girls and babies have visited Keswick for a Sunday wander and suffered the diners of Abraham Cafe the most chaotic lunch. We've played in the park and sampled the offerings of the village pub.

ive also taken this holiday as the first opportunity to really give photography a go. my dad has passed me down one of his vintage cameras to get started with while i save up to buy myself a digital slr. ive not got the most technical brain but ive really enjoyed studying the manual, circa 1987, and getting tips and hints online. its frustrating knowing im restricted to 24 photographs but im choosing my subjects carefully and im looking forward to seeing the results.

im still not quite used to searching for 'family activities' when we're away but its quite exciting seeing familiar places through the eyes of a child. over the next couple of days we're hoping to take a boat trip (photograph opportunity for me) and visit a wildlife sanctuary. right now i need to make another cup of coffee before the boy wakes up (that will put the kiss of death on his nap...) and continue with my holiday.

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