Thursday, 14 May 2015

rites of passage...

this week has been manic. from the 9am Monday blood tests to the traffic jam on the way to my parents house yesterday evening, it's been one of them weeks. and this is in part because I go on holiday on Saturday morning so the work/ life gods look down and punish you by multiplying your tasks and throwing in some unexpected traumas to sort.

but now I'm packed and my little boy is settled with his grandparents and the dog is settled with the grandparents too and I'm getting really really girlishly giddy and excited because today, before any holiday, one of my best friends gets married.

i've been to a good number of weddings over my 20s and I've been a bridesmaid 4 times in that time too, but I've never been to a childhood/ teen hood friend's wedding. and it got me to thinking about the rites of passage you experience with your friends, as a girl, along your lifetime. the first kisses, the discos, the fights, the first try of a cigarette, the heartbreak, the first drink. that night with a waiter on holiday, that affair... they might break us but our friends re build us. and we live to love and fight and drink and make mistakes some more with our friends by our side to watch and help where needed.

i jumped ahead of all my friends by getting married first and I've already had my first baby, so I'm super excited to watch them take the steps. another of my best friends, who I met in adulthood though, married at a similar time to me but since then everyone has steadied off, no life changes. it's all really new for me to be on the observation deck and I love it. i am expecting shed loads of tears on my part because a) I love weddings and b) because she's one of my girls. i know I can handle married life and babies because I'm here and I've survived 3 years of one and almost 2 of the other. but now she's going to do it all too and it's not always easy and sometimes it hurts. with babies it really hurts.

but above all I'm just so excited to start the journey again. to be there when a friend takes that leap of faith. so cheers to love, friendship and holidays.

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